Flight attendant goes extra mile for passenger with autism


A flight attendant going the extra mile for a passenger with autism. The two becoming close friends after meeting during a flight, Abc’s Whit Johnson shows us the surprise she had for him on his graduation day.

It all started with a chance encounter on a flight to Dallas, an instant connection, and a note of kindness.

“I remembered how much you love airplanes. My dad, brother grandpa, cousin and uncle are pilots. I found this old airplane guide and thought you should have it,” that note coming from Southwest flight attendant Erica Connelly to Garrison Christie, after they met on a plane last year.

“Just a few minutes on a plane changed his life and getting this amazing friend.”

18-year-old garrison is autistic but he and Erica share a passion for planes.

“I was excited to interact with him and hear — you know, let him tell me everything he wanted to share about flying,” Erica said.

Soon a friendship blossomed. Erica attending Garrison’s baseball game. Even taking him to the southwest airlines flight simulator.

“I always try to be just a little bit kinder than what is necessary,” Erica said.

So when Garrison’s graduation from high school was coming up and tickets were limited his first selection was Erica.

And so she went.

His pal watching from the stands. Erica giving garrison a surprise gift. A photo with him in a flight suit. It was her dad’s. Garrison for a day getting to be his own top gun.

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