Ford F-150 Lightning vs. Ford Maverick: How do they compare?


Ford Lightning vs. Ford Maverick: How do they compare?

Ford is taking its most popular vehicles and adapting them for the future. Whether its the Lightning or the Maverick, Ford is pioneering the pickup truck industry as the world moves towards more efficient vehicles.

Ford F-150 Lightning PHOTO CREDIT: Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning was unveiled in May, and it features an all-electric version of Ford’s extremely popular F-150 pickup truck. Ford also recently unveiled the Ford Maverick, the first-ever hybrid compact pickup truck.

The Ford Maverick will see an estimated 40 mpg in the city, a significant jump from the mileage that pickup trucks see currently. There are several different options available for the Maverick truck, and the base model carries an MSRP just short of $20,000.

A feature that Ford is pushing heavily with the Maverick is the “Flexbed,” a multi-functional truck bed that can be adapted to carry a variety of items. There are multiple inserts available in the bed to help support any cargo you’re carrying.

Ford Maverick PHOTO CREDIT: Ford

Although the Maverick is called a “compact” truck, the interior isn’t affected. Ford claims there is enough room to seat five individuals inside the truck. The back seats fold up to reveal extra storage underneath.

So how do the trucks compare? For starters, the Lightning base model is twice as expensive as the Maverick. The Lightning is a bigger truck, and features a maximum of 10,000 pounds of towing capacity, compared to the Maverick’s 4,000 pounds. The weight capacity for the truck beds is similar, with the Lightning maxing out at 2,000 pounds and the Maverick maxing out at 1500 pounds.

The Maverick will allow you to visit the gas station less often, sporting an EPA-estimated 500 mile range on its 13.8 gallon tank. The Lightning will allow you to forget about gas stations entirely, but the base model only offers an EPA-estimated 230 mile range, meaning you’ll need to charge more frequently.

Both trucks will allow you to plug in anything that needs power. The Lightning providing power all throughout the truck, totaling 11 outlets. The Maverick features two normal outlets, and two 12V wires in the bed to hook up your electronics.

The Lightning features an extra storage space thanks to being all-electric. The front trunk in the Lightning is something you won’t get with the Maverick because of the engine.

The Lightning has more technological features than the Maverick, and that is partly the reason for the difference in price. The Lightning features “Bluecruise,” a hands-free driving experience on some highways. The Maverick sports an 8-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dash, and Lightning’s touchscreen is almost double the size at 15.5 inches.

Whether you’re looking to go all-electric or hybrid, Ford is making trucks that promise to satisfy a wide variety of consumers. Ford’s F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the country for the last 40 years, so it makes perfect sense for them to shift their focus and innovate their products for the future.

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