Great Dane bites intruder during home invasion


OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok. (WHTM) — They say dogs, are “man’s best friend” for a reason, and one woman and her son in Oklahoma City couldn’t agree more with that phrase.

KFOR reports a stranger walked into their home Monday, but he ended up running out thanks to their dog, Dubai.

Luckily the entire thing was caught on camera.

Tracey McCoy has never been more thankful for her dog. The 122-pound dog really put the “great” in “Great Dane” after he the day.

KFOR says it happened in broad daylight, Tracey says she heard her side door open and thought it was her older son.

Tracey was home with her son Nathaniel, who is blind. He had no idea what was going on until he heard his mom scream.

“The instant that I screamed, Dubai understood that that person was not welcome here,” said McCoy in an interview with KFOR.

Surveillance video shows the suspect walking into the home even petting the dog before walking further down the hallway.

She came around the corner and saw a man, Robert Ward, screamed, and moments later Dubai jumped into action.

McCoy watched as Ward ran away only to come back moments later in the back of a patrol car so Tracey could positively identify him for police.

“Officers that were responding to the scene spotted the man in the area walking in the neighborhood, took him into custody,” said OKC Police Master Sergeant Gary Knight.

One day after the break-in Tracey, Nathaniel and even Dubai are still shaken up and trying to comprehend how to move on.

“It changes everything. It changes how you feel, it changes your level of security it changes your level of confidence at that moment,” said McCoy.

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