Jet-skiers turned firefighters put out boat fire on Lake Erie


(WHTM) — Jet skiers became firefighters on Lake Erie and it was all captured on Facebook Live.

A boat caught fire along the Cleveland coast, catching the attention of three jet skiers. After seeing that the operator had safely escaped onto a fisherman’s boat, they lined up and drove by, one by one, to splash the flames out.

“And that’s when I got real close to it, and I told my buddies ‘hey let’s try and save the boat,'” David Peguero, one of the jet skiers said.

“At first I was just focused on making big waves and splashing it down,” Kelvin Toro, another jet skier said.

“We’re so used to doing that to each other, splashing each other and all that, I said hey, it might work,” Peguero said.

The efforts did work, although the boat did have plenty of fire damage, it did not sink, and no one was hurt.

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