Uber driver crashes into swimming pool in New York


PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (WHTM) — Police are investigating if any foul play was involved after an Uber driver crashed into a swimming pool near New York.

WCBS says the car went into a ten-foot deep pool outside a home in Port Washington Wednesday morning.

“I looked out the kitchen window and I see water dripping down all the windows and I was like ‘what happened?'” Deborah Wrynn, homeowner, told WCBS in an interview.

A deluge of water at Deborah Wrynn’s home seemed out of place on a sunny day until she looked in her back yard and realized it was a splash from her already closed swimming pool.

A car had veered off the busy Port Washington Boulevard, crashed through her neighbor’s fence, went airborne, then landed in the ten-foot deep pool according to WCBS.

Inside, a dazed driver and injured passenger, unable to open the doors as water began pouring in.

Port Washington first responders quickly arrived, broke the windows and rescued the two, who had only minor injuries.

“Luckily they landed in the shallow end,” Wrynn said.

WCBS reports that hauling the car out of the pool was a much longer ordeal that took hours of planning and the power of two tow trucks.

Police say the vehicle was an Uber and it’s not clear if it was on an active call when it went off-course.

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