Have an issue you want addressed? Contact your local representative! (It’s their job!)

Your Local Election HQ

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Do you know those people that are listed on the ballots that you circle in when you go to the polls? It’s their job to help the people who voted them into their position!

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There’s a great chance that at least half the people that will read this article don’t even know who their representatives are.

Luckily for those of you who don’t know, there’s a website that will tell you! My Reps has developed a database that allows you to search for your local representative based on where you live.

Simply search your home address, and the website will instantly pull up all the local, county, state, and federal representatives that you should contact if you have an issue. Who you should be contacting is based on what your concern is, and where that concern is located.

If it’s in your neighborhood, contact your local representative. If it’s in your county, contact your County rep. If it’s outside of your county, contact your State rep. If it’s something that should be addressed on a national level, that’s where the Federal representatives come into play.

The website allows you to easily toggle between representative levels, and you can choose to see or exclude any level of representative.

Every single one of these representatives was voted into their positions by the people they represent, so if you have an issue and you’re not calling them to address it you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s one of your natural-born rights as a United States citizen!

For example, there’s a large push currently from the people to urge their lawmakers to help support the people who are stuck in Afghanistan during the recent conflict. If you’re looking to make your opinion heard on this issue, you should research your Federal representative and send them a message.

There’s a decent chance that you’ll get an answering machine the first time you reach out, but don’t be afraid to leave your message and a way for your representative to contact you back. They’re always listening to their constituents, and they want to help you. Reach out!

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