Smucker faces political newcomer in 11th congressional district


U.S. Rep Lloyd Smucker got a boost in his bid for reelection for the 11th Congressional District when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided to redraw district lines.

Many now see the 11th as all but a sure win for Republicans in November.

“I ran on a platform of getting our economy moving, to provide more opportunity for people all across the district,” Smucker said. “We have delivered on that promise.”

Democratic challenger Jess King has not let the new district stop her. 

King may lack large Democratic support, but she has received backing from Bernie Sanders, who rallied for King in Lancaster in May.

“It really allows us to say what we think, what we mean and eschew party politics to talk about the values of Americans,” King said.

Currently, no women represent Pennsylvania in Congress, but King would like to change that.

King, a political rookie, believes in healthcare for all.

“This is actually the fiscally responsible, efficient path forward,” she said. “Right now. the U.S. spends 18 percent of gross domestic product on healthcare. We spend twice the average for healthcare but yet we leave millions of people behind.”

Smucker acknowledges the race could wind up as a referendum on President Donald Trump. However. the former state senator seems to be feeling strong ahead of the election.

“I ran on a platform of less government and less taxes in folks’ pockets,” Smucker said. “We delivered on those promises. We now have an economy that is booming.”

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