Vice President Pence in Lancaster County for debate watch party

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EPHRATA TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — The Trump train once again rolled through what has kind of become the grand central station of this election year — Pennsylvania.

In Ephrata Township, there was no shortage of supporters who were ready to fight for the president as he got ready to go gloves off on the debate stage.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the event to get supporters pumped.

“The road to victory goes straight through Pennsylvania,” Pence said.

That road is heavily traveled this election year — much to President Trump supporter’s delight.

“President Trump was sent by god to make sure that Abraham Lincoln’s promise that government for the people and by the people will not perish from the face of this Earth,” said Edward Young of New Jersey.

Some even knew him personally.

“If you did something wrong or not quite right, he would stand behind you in front of everyone else, but he would pull you in his office and say, ‘You can do better than this,” said former employee Judy Graham.

Pence highlighted the president’s support of first responders.

“I always respect the right of Americans to peacefully protest, that’s a triumph of our constitution, but rioting and looting is not peaceful protest,” Pence said.

Supporters defended his recent tax returns.

“What does it matter to us as American citizens and how this country is governed — based on what he paid in his personal income tax?” Young asked.

“Let’s see Chuck Schumer’s, let’s see Nancy Pelosi’s — they became millionaires while they’re in office,” said Bob Boyer of Lebanon County.

One of the biggest issues — which was hard to ignore among a crowd dotted with masks — is Covid-19.

“More Americans have gone back to work in the last four months than got a job in the eight years that Joe Biden was vice president,” Pence said.

Uncertain times aside, Pence hopes Pennsylvania will put the P in GOP.

“With your strong support, I know in my heart that we will make America great again, again,” Pence said.

Before the debate, PA Democrats released this statement that read in part:

“We sit some 30 days from Election Day, Donald Trump is still denying that COVID is real while over 200,000 Americans have died. Over 7 million have been infected and he’s still pretending it’s going to go away…” — Sen.Sharif Street, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Vice-Chair.

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