What is the key to winning Pennsylvania in the Nov. 3 election?

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — As the Trump train continues to roll through Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump recognizes that the Keystone state was key in the 2016 election. But what is the key to conquering the Commonwealth?

As President Trump works overtime in Pennsylvania to earn the state’s 20 electoral votes, Joe Biden joins his opponent by kicking off his campaign in Philadelphia on Monday.

Trump Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway calls Pennsylvania a reach state, with some even calling it the “girl that gets away.” In 2016, the Keystone State was key, and close. President Trump may have won Pennsylvania, but barely. With only 44,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton, polls suggested his Democratic opponent and Tim Kaine were ahead. Likewise, in 2020, those polls favor Joe Biden.

“It’s a steadier lead for Vice President Biden than we had four years ago, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine said.

Kaine says his focus leading up to the 2016 Presidential election was on Comey and Clinton emails. However, this year his focus has shifted to coronavirus. Kaine believes that as coronavirus cases surge and death tolls rise, Americans will want to fight for change.

But Trump won’t go down without a fight. His crowds are enthusiastic, but polls suggest he is trailing badly among suburban women in the Commonwealth.

Conway, a suburban woman herself, says “If you don’t like the occasional tweet or the tone, then you’re really going to hate socialized medicine, government-run healthcare, socialism,” and lack of fracking in Pennsylvania.

In addition, Kaine says Democrats should not fear the apparent “enthusiasm gap” between the two candidates. According to Kaine, enthusiasm can be best measured by who’s voting. In this case, Pennsylvania statistics for who’s voting favor Biden.

“There are an awful lot of enthusiastic people who don’t go to rallies when there’s coronavirus around because they’re trying to take precautions to keep their families safe,” Kaine said.

Conway insists there are hidden Trump voters in Pennsylvania who will shock the pollsters on Nov. 3, and added that there isn’t a hidden Biden voter anywhere in America.


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