(WHTM) – The White House is warning that there could be a major disruption to student loan services if Congress doesn’t cut a deal in the coming days to keep the federal government open.

After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, payments, regardless of a shutdown, will resume Sunday/

“Most people won’t be impacted, but there are a large chunk of people who will be,” said Tyler Quinn, Director of Financial Planning at the Langan Financial Group.

That includes people who have not heard back about loan forgiveness or income-driven payment plans.

Because the United States Department of Education has to verify applications for those programs, borrowers should expect delays if the government shuts down.

“We need to try and do the best we can to satisfy every single voice in Congress, but there are 435 of us, so it’s not easy,” Midstate Republican Congressman Scott Perry said.

Perry is among a number of Republicans who don’t want to vote on one big spending bill.

“If the work doesn’t continue on doing these spending bills individually like we agreed on, there are going to be problems,” Perry said.

Perry said he’s working with Republicans in both chambers to pass a deal before the Saturday night deadline.