Pa. Congressman Smucker reacts to Biden spending plan


WASHINGTON (WHTM) — President Joe Biden will come to Philadelphia on Friday touting his new spending plan.

In his first address to Congress, the president painted a bold vision for improving infrastructure, helping families and expanding the role of government.

Fellow Democrats call his plan long overdue and much-needed.

Republicans, like Pa. Congressman Lloyd Smucker, call it a wish list for socialists.

“You do a massive expansion of the federal government. you incentivize reliance on government. Rather than incentivizing get back to work and then you create this class warfare, that talks about raising the taxes only on the rich,” Smucker siad. “Only on those making over 400,000. There’s no possible way they can fund what they’re doing with just taxes on the rich, so everybody’s gonna pay for this. Everybody.”

Smucker also says the President has the votes in the U.S. House but hopes the Senate can block them.

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