HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Republican state senator is under fire for being in Washington D.C. Wednesday. Now, some Democrats are calling for his resignation.

State Senator Doug Mastriano went live on Facebook saying he expected Wednesday to be like any other protest supporting President Donald Trump. He claims he was outside the Capitol to exercise his constitutional rights, but left once it got violent.

“At no point did we enter the Capitol building, at no point did we tread upon the Capitol steps, and at no point did we tread upon police lines,” said Mastriano. “Obviously, we’re there together and we don’t want to get caught in any violence, so we left out of there.”

Mastriano organized a bus trip from Chambersburg to D.C. for Pennsylvanians participating in the protest.

In the afternoon, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol. Four people died as a result of the demonstrations.

“I join with all other Americans in condemning what happened in the Capitol,” said Mastriano. “What happened today should never have happened and it’s unacceptable. I find it repugnant, disgusting, and threatening.”

Meanwhile, some Democrats believe Mastriano contributed to the chaos.

State Representatives Brian Sims and Tim Kearney are calling for his resignation, calling his behavior predictably dangerous and deliberate.

Kearney believes if Mastriano doesn’t resign, he should be stripped of his leadership or committee positions.

Mastriano says he wants those who violated the laws to be prosecuted.