HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — This year’s election was a big win for women. With new faces joining the ranks nationally and statewide.

So how exactly did republican Carrie Lewis Delrosso defeat the 30-year incumbent and 10-year Minority Leader Frank Dermody in a district where Democrats have a ten-point advantage?

“Let me see, do you see those sneakers? Knocking on doors and I knocked on 12,000 doors every day. I went out even during the pandemic,” said Delrosso.

She masked up, stood at a distance and asked residents how she could help.

“Face to face. Nothing better than having someone at your door and ask what their needs were and why I decided to run.”

Delrosso is the latest example of women flexing political muscle.

“Women tend to be multi taskers,” added Delrosso.

And election winners. Vice President Kamala Harris. State Treasurer Stacy Garrity. Kim Ward becoming the first-ever Senate Majority Leader.

Delrosso’s win over Dermody opened the door for Joanna McClinton to become House Minority Leader.

“I think that’s remarkable. I encourage more women to go for leadership positions.”

But for now, Delrosso is a newbie in Harrisburg and she intends to lean on her fellow females for guidance.

“I’m a freshman. A 45-year-old freshman. But I expect I have a lot to learn and I will look to women for that learning curve.”