Doc frees dog caught in moving elevator


TAMPA, Fla. (WHTM) – A Florida doctor returning home from work helped to free a dog after its leash became caught in a moving elevator.

The incident at a Tampa apartment building was captured on surveillance video.

The video shows a woman and the leashed dog outside the open elevator. When the doors close on the leash and the elevator rises, the dog is dragged up with it.

“I dropped all of my food and jumped to try and grab the dog and break the leash,” Dr. Mohammad Awad told Bay News 9. “Initially, it didn’t work out, so I went back at it again, and the dog is screaming and screaming, and I was thinking, ‘Oh my God. It only has seconds to live.’ “

Awad was able to snap the leash and save the dog. He said he doesn’t know the woman, who left soon after the incident.

He said he’s grateful he acted quickly.

“I felt like anyone else in my position would have done the same thing,” he said.

Information from Bay News 9;

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