PENNSLYVANIA (WHTM) — The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is home to many cities, towns, boroughs, and townships. Some have nice, pleasant-sounding names, such as Williamsport, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Scranton, and Allentown.

But, then there are some of the weird town names, like Rough and Ready, and Bath.

Here are some towns around the state that may catch you off guard with how odd the names are, according to Wander Wisdom.

Burnt Cabins

Burnt Cabins, located in Fulton County, was named after early settlers’ cabins in the area that were burned by Provincial forces in 1750 to satisfy Indian protest against white trespassers on their lands. The name is a relic of troubled days on the Pennsylvania Frontier, according to

According to the Census Bureau, the Burnt Cabins ZIP code 17215 covers 11.92 square miles with a population of 437 and 163 housing units.

Forty Fort

Forty Fort, located in Luzerne County, was named for the original forty settlers according to the borough’s website, and was founded in the summer of 1770. It was located on the river bank near a “copious spring of water, known as the Great Springs.” The borough is located near where the 1778 Battle of Wyoming took place.

As of the census of 2000, there were 4,579 people, 1,989 households, and 1,261 families residing in the borough.

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Located in Lancaster County, the village’s website states that there are a few theories for the name. One is that the town used to sit at the edge of a race course, right where visitors would enter the racing festivities. The entrance was coined “Entercourse” and may have evolved into Intercourse. Another theory is that the name came from the intersection of two major roads, or courses.

According to the Census Bureau, 1,494 people live in the village, with 602 total housing units.


This town sounds like it can be home to a few accidents, but this Lehigh Valley town was actually named for a Philadelphia Quaker named Erskine Hazard, son of Ebenezer Hazard, the nation’s first postmaster, according to Wander Wisdom

Moon Township

Located in Allegheny County along to Ohio River, this township was founded in 1788 and has a total of 143 square miles. According to Wander Wisdom, the township got its name from a bend in the river that looks like a crescent-shaped moon.

The census states that the total population of Moon is 27,240 with 10,136 households.


Located in Fayette County, Wander Wisdom states that this town got its name because it is the site of a state teacher’s college that was once known as a “normal school.”

The town is 7.6 miles east of Connellsville and has a ZIP code of 15649.


Now, don’t panic! This village is located in Jefferson County. According to Armond and Windred Moyer, who wrote the book The Origins of Unusual Places, the town may have got its name from the Financial Panic of 1873, when on Sept. 20, the New York Stock Exchange shut down for almost two weeks due to bank failures.


Located in Dauphin County, the town was originally called Schneidershtettle, according to the town’s website. In 1864, the town was incorporated as the borough of Uniontown.  Because of a conflict with another Uniontown in Pennsylvania, the post office was given the name Pillow. 

It is believed that it was named after Major General Gideon Johnson Pillow who at the time was commanding the U.S. Army troops in the Mexican War, according to the town.

The borough has 292 people, according to the census, and has 134 housing units. The town’s ZIP code is 17080

Blue Ball

This community, located in Lancaster County, was named after a building in the same location called the Blue Ball Hotel, which was built more than 200 years ago.

Its population is 1,084 according to the census and consists of 423 housing units


Located in Lackawanna County, this town was originally named Leach’s Flats, named after Ephraim Leach who settled in the area in 1880.  Sometime between 1880 and 1890, however, the female postmaster of Leach’s Flats felt the need to rename the joint. She chose the name, Chinchilla, allegedly after her fashionable chinchilla shawl.

The population of the town is 1,959 and has 778 house units, according to census data.

And lastly, a fun fact. The town of Bloomsburg is the only place in the state that has been designated a town in Pennsylvania.