(WHTM) – iPhone users will soon be able to use 31 new emojis when iOS 16.4 is publicly released.

According to Emojipedia. the emojis were approved by Unicode’s September 2022 recommendation list. Apple confirmed in a beta release the new IOS 16.4 will support Unicode 15.0 Emojis.

The list of newly approved emojis coming to the iPhone includes a shaking face and three new heart colors in light blue, grey, and pink.

There will also be two new “pushing hand” emojis that could be used for either a high-five or stop motion.

Among the animals coming to the emoji library will be a moose, donkey, black bird, goose, and jellyfish. There will also be a pair of white wings added.

The objects coming for iPhone users include a folding hand fan, hair pick, flute, and maracas. Food items will be ginger and a pea pod, while the Hyacinth plant will also be available.

Apple also will add a wireless signal emoji and the Khanda, a symbol of the Sikh faith.

A beta version of iOS 16.4 was released by Apple on Thursday.

It’s not known when IOS 16.4 will be available for the public.