Tech Bytes: Amazon launches sidewalk feature, Instagram reveals how it works, 6-year-old iPhones will get the iOS 15 update

Tech Bytes

Amazon is rolling out ‘Sidewalk.’ The new feature uses Echo and Ring devices to share Wi-Fi with your neighbors. Privacy advocates are concerned because users have to opt out of the function. Amazon insists no personal information will be shared.

Instagram is revealing how it decides what goes in your feed. In a blog post, Instagram detailed the four most important signals from users that are considered.  They are your history of interactions, how popular a post is, who posted it, and what kind of content you usually view.

You won’t need a newer phone to get Apple’s new iOS 15. iPhones as old as the 6S can receive the update when it comes out this fall. But the six-year-old phone has its limitations. Its processor is unable to support some of the latest features like portrait mode in Facetime.

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