Tech Bytes: Amazon refunds to delete bad reviews, Instagram tests ads in shop, Lawn Mowing Simulator game

Tech Bytes

Some Amazon sellers are reportedly tracking down customers to delete bad reviews. Some people have been offered refunds worth more than the price of a product to remove a negative review. Amazon says it’s a policy violation and it does not share customer emails with third-party sellers.

Instagram is now testing ads in its shop tab. The ads will either be a single image, or several of them and users can access products through the ads if they’re interested. It’s unclear how long the testing will continue.

Finally, a video game that a suburban dad would love. This is the Lawn Mowing Simulator. It allows you to ride your favorite “Toro” or “Scag” across the countryside. There’s even a “career” mode where you can start your own lawn-mowing business. The ‘cutting-edge’ game is being released this week.

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