Tech Bytes: Electric Chevy Silverado, eBay trading cards app, rapper face mask

Tech Bytes

Chevy’s plan for an all-electric Silverado. The pickup is GM’s best-selling vehicle. The company says the electric-powered Silverado will run about 400 miles on a full charge. it’s unclear when it will go on sale. News of the truck sent GM shares to a record-high close.

eBay is making it easier to sell trading cards. It’s adding a new feature to the mobile app to quickly scan and list the cards from games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. The seller will then add specific details. Sports cards will be supported later this year.

Forget the old cloth mask you’ve been wearing during the pandemic. This is the mask of the future. A new mask from Honeywell costs $300 dollars and comes with three fans to help you breath along with noise-canceling headphones, bluetooth capability and LED lights! Rapper helped develop it.

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