Tech Bytes: Employers ‘spy’ on remote workers, smart toilets the future of health, the smartest lawnmower yet

Tech Bytes

More companies are keeping an eye on remote workers to make sure they’re actually working. They’re using so-called “tattleware” software that takes a live photo of workers at home about every minute from their company laptops. Other software can track your keystrokes and web browsing.

We’re used to smartwatches, but smart toilets are on the horizon. Researchers are developing toilets that can detect diseases, monitor blood pressure and even diagnose you for COVID. The toilets can use biometrics to tell different users apart.

if you’re laboring in the yard this labor day, some new help is on the way. Check out the new robot lawnmower from Segway. It uses GPS to work its way around your yard. You set the boundaries on an app and it can stay in the lines within two centimeters! It returns to its charging station if it rains. The price? $1,400.

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