Tech Bytes: Facebook $1 trillion market cap, Apple 16 inch iPad could be coming, Netflix partially downloaded content

Tech Bytes

Facebook shares have hit a new milestone, pushing its market value beyond $1 trillion. The surge came after a judge dismissed two antitrust lawsuits by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and more than 40 states, saying they failed to prove that Facebook is a monopoly. But congress, or the supreme court, will likely get the final say.

Reports say Apple engineers are “exploring” the idea of creating iPads with screens in the 14 to 16 inch range. The iPad with the biggest screen for sale right now is 12 inches. According to Bloomberg, the larger iPads wouldn’t hit stores until 2023 at the earliest.

Netflix users on Android can now stream content before their download is finished. That means one less aggravation if your WiFi isn’t perfect. Netflix plans to test the feature on iOS in the near future.

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