Tech Bytes: Facebook informed sharing feature, Whatsapp new Privacy policy, Spotify podcast sharing

Tech Bytes

Facebook is trying to get you to read articles before you share them. The site is testing a pop-up that will ask users if they want to share an article that they haven’t opened, but users have the option to share anyway. It’s similar to a Twitter feature introduced last year.

WhatsApp says users who don’t opt in to its new privacy policy won’t lose their accounts. However, their functionality will be progressively limited until they say ‘yes’. The policy allowing information to be shared with parent company Facebook takes effect this weekend.

A new way to get right to the point in a podcast. Spotify is now letting listeners share a specific time-stamp. It allows others to begin listening to the podcast at the same spot. 

Spotify hopes it attracts ‘new’ listeners, who will sign up for subscriptions.

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