Tech Bytes: Facebook new tools for businesses, Vizio unveils new TVs with voice remotes, manicure robots

Tech Bytes

Facebook is seeking to improve communication between businesses and consumers. It’s happening through a number of new tools just unveiled at a developer conference, including several messaging features for businesses.

New TVs from the affordably priced Vizio brand are now come equipped with voice remotes. They allow you to search for shows, change settings, and launch apps with voice commands. Most models work with bluetooth, so users don’t have to aim at the TV. Prices start at $340.

A quick and easy new way to get a manicure. For eight bucks, this robot can polish your nails in just 10 minutes – way faster than a traditional manicure. It uses high-tech 3D cameras and algorithms. For now,  it doesn’t cut or shape nails, but those features may be coming soon.

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