Tech Bytes: Finally unplugging, U.S. tightens definition of “astronaut,” worlds brightest flashlight

Tech Bytes

Americans are finally unplugging from work during summer vacation. According to a survey published in the Wall Street Journal, 79% of people plan to use more vacation days this year. More of us are shutting off our phones and laptops. 82% said they plan to have less contact with the office this year than during past vacations.

It looks like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are not officially astronauts despite their historic space flights. According to new FAA rules, astronauts must be part of a crew that contributes to public safety or human space flight safety. The rules were changed for the first time in 17 years. 

Finally, the world’s brightest record! It’s all thanks to a massive flashlight built by some YouTube stars from Canada.Light from the so-called “Night Bright 300” is more than five times brighter than the most powerful, commercially available flashlight.

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