Tech Bytes: Google Earth climate change timelapse, Microsoft Edge kids mode, Adidas mushroom leather sneaker

Tech Bytes

Google’s new feature that graphically illustrates the effects of climate change. It’s called Timelapse. It uses millions of satellite photos to transform into 4D. It takes users on a chilling journey over 40 years of the earth’s changes in just seconds.

Microsoft has launched the first kid-friendly version of a major web browser. It’s called Microsoft Edge Kids Mode, designed to keep adult content away from children 12 and under. There’s a built-in list of approved websites that parents can edit. It also includes age-appropriate news stories.

A sustainable sneaker from Adidas. It’s made with material crafted from the root structure of mushrooms. This model of the “Stan Smith” tennis sneaker is just a concept but Adidas says it hopes to have products made from the same material for sale in the near future.

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