Tech Bytes: Google shuts down shopping app, Microsoft to buy $16B A.I., Hasbro $700 transformer toy

Tech Bytes

Say goodbye to Google’s mobile shopping app. The app is going dark for Apple and Android, but not until June. The app allows users to make purchases from thousands of online stores, using their Google accounts. The web version will stay up.

Microsoft is in talks to acquire an artificial intelligence firm for $16 billion. Nuance Communications’ speech recognition technology helped develop Siri for Apple. Bloomberg says Microsoft may use nuance to improve technology that frees doctors from note-taking and better predicts the needs of patients.

Finally, the most complex transformer ever is going to cost you. Hasbro’s “Optimus Prime” robot has about 5,000 components and 60 micro-chips, and it can be controlled by voice commands. But it runs about $700. If you pre-order now, delivery is expected in August.

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