Tech Bytes: iPhone 14 Face ID with masks, Pokémon GO interaction distance, Touchscreen gameboard table

Tech Bytes

Are you having trouble using Face ID wearing a mask? The word is that Apple is working on a solution — testing an upgrade for the iPhone 13. But it’s unclear if it will be ready by the time Apple unveils the 13th model, expected in a few weeks.

The base distance limit for Pokémon GO is changing again. Niantic is upping the mark to 80 meters. That’s the distance set last year at the start of the pandemic. The move follows customer complaints when the limit was put back to its original 40 meters this month.

Finally, the future of family game night. The Infinity Game Table features digital versions of more than 40 classic board games from Monopoly and Scrabble to Candyland and Operation. It’s Wi-Fi enabled with a 24-inch touchscreen, allowing up to six people to play remotely. It’ll run you about $650.

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