Apple is bringing back a popular feature for iPhone users in its latest software update. iPhone users will get their battery percentage indicator back. Apple removed the icon with the iPhone X because its location made it hard to read, but now it’s back in iOS 16 beta 5. Critics say it’s still hard to read.

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WhatsApp users now have about two days to delete a text message. The former deadline was an hour. However, anyone who receives a message that was deleted by a sender must have the most recent version of WhatsApp for the deletion to work, and users won’t be notified if the message wasn’t deleted.

Researchers have come up with a quick new way to get rid of scratches on your car. They created a self-healing protective coating, which they say can make your car look as good as new in half an hour. You just leave your car in the sun, and they say it creates a chemical reaction that makes the scratches disappear.