Tech Bytes: Kroger drone delivery, Royal Marines jet pack, Roman Colosseum hi-tech floor

Tech Bytes

Drone deliveries with a twist. Supermarket chain Kroger is starting to test a drone delivery system that can deliver items to your home, but also to the location of your smartphone. It’s being targeted to those needing last minute items at their current locations.

Speaking of flying, this is not an action movie trailer. Those British Marines are flying from boat to boat – with the help of a jet suit. They were testing the suit to see if it would be useful during operations at sea. No word on their final decision.

We’re getting a look at the new high-tech floor design for Rome’s famed Colosseum. Italian officials say the $22- million facelift will add a flexible floor that gives tourists a view of what the arena looked like to ancient romans when gladiators battled to the death.

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