Tech Bytes: Mars helicopter flight, Facebook data leak, $600,000 Mario game

Tech Bytes

NASA lands the first space helicopter on Mars. Ingenuity touched down over the weekend. A rechargeable batter will keep the spacecraft warm in temperatures as low as negative 130 degrees. Next up, its first flight, which is scheduled for next Sunday.

Experts say the exposure of more than 500 millionFacebook users’ personal information online could make those people more vulnerable to fraud. The compromised data includes names, phone numbers and email addresses. Facebook says its “old data that was previously reported on” two years ago.

An unopened copy of Nintendo’s “Super Mario Brothers” from 1986 has sold at auction in Dallas for $660,000, setting a new record for a video game.

It was purchased as a Christmas present, placed in a desk drawer and forgotten for 35 years. It was still sealed in plastic.

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