Tech Bytes: Microsoft unveils Windows 11, Apple Fitness+ celebrity-themed workouts, Rembrandt ‘night watch’

Tech Bytes

Windows 11 has arrived. Microsoft’s new operating system has taken on a Mac-like look. Among the changes, the start menu is in the middle of the screen. Windows 11 should be live by the end of the year. Version 10 users will get free upgrades.

Beginning Monday, Apple is offering new workouts as part of its fitness+ service, spotlighting musical artists. Users will be able to choose slow or fast, and high or low-impact workouts, set to the songs of Lady Gaga, Keith Urban, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Lopez.

An artistic masterpiece back to its original size, thanks to artificial intelligence. The sides of Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” were cut away centuries ago. researchers used A.I. software to recreate them in Rembrandt’s style. It’s now on display in Amsterdam.

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