(WHTM) — Reports are revealing new details about the upcoming iPhone. They say Apple’s next device will be called the iPhone SE Plus 5G. It’s expected to launch in a few months and have a 4.7-inch screen. A larger version is also expected next year.

Google is facing backlash after changing the White Noise feature on its Google Nest Hub and Google Assistant devices. Many people who use the feature to fall asleep say the new White Noise is too quiet and muffled. And that the sound now loops every 10 minutes instead of hourly.

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A flying machine coming straight out of “The Jetsons.” A Swedish company is now taking preorders for its flying car, with their Jetson One going up to 63 miles per hour. And no pilot’s license will be required because it weighs less than 250 pounds. The price cashes in at $92,000.