Twitter may be bringing back the video service Vine, which was shut down years ago. There is word Twitter’s new owner is planning to bring back the defunct platform that allows users to post six-second videos. Elon Musk polled users in a tweet, and then reportedly told employees to develop a new version of Vine. Sources say it could relaunch as early as this year.

Chrome has a new feature to help with searches. The sidebar is expected to speed up checking multiple results without having to go back and forth between the search page and the linked websites. You can get to the sidebar by clicking the Google logo that pops up in your address bar.

Ralph Lauren has redesigned its logo for a collaboration with Fortnite. The Polo pony has been replaced with a cartoon llama. The game outfits will be available in the Fortnite shop on Saturday. Ralph Lauren is the game’s third fashion crossover.