Tech Bytes: Samsung new foldable phones, Instagram blocks offensive messages, Tinder ‘swipe night’ returns

Tech Bytes

New foldable phones at bargain prices. Samsung says it’s coming out with the Galaxy Fold 3 and the Flip 3 at prices 10% lower than previous models. The company says it’s hoping the new prices will boost foldable phone sales.

Instagram has rolled out new features to block offensive DM’s and comments. Users can turn on “limits,” which will prevent anyone who doesn’t follow you or recent followers from commenting on your posts or sending you direct messages. Instagram has also expanded its list of offensive words, which can be automatically filtered.

Finally, Tinder’s interactive series “swipe night” is returning for its second season. Reports say it will engage users in a “Gen-Z who-done-it,” aimed at matching people based on their hunches about an unfolding crime. Tinder estimates 20 million users took part in swipe night’s first season.

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