Tech Bytes: Sony PS5 issues, Amazon video clip sharing, Microsoft gift card promo

Tech Bytes

(WHTM) — There won’t be as many PS5s under the Christmas tree as expected. Sony has reportedly cut its production target for the latest Playstation to 15 million consoles, down one million from earlier estimates. Bloomberg says it’s because of a chip shortage and supply chain issues.

Amazon is making it a lot easier for viewers to share clips of its Prime Video content. Tapping the “share clip” button creates a 30-second clip that iOS users can share with others. Right now it only works on four shows but Amazon says that number will rise in the future.

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Microsoft users might want to check their email. You might be the recipient of a gift card worth up to $100. The company has been sending out gift cards randomly, good for a slew of products at Microsoft’s online store.

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