Tech Bytes: Twitter adds DM search feature on Android, Army new night vision goggles video, Nokia flip phone coming to U.S.

Tech Bytes

Major changes to Twitter. The social media platform added a direct message search bar for Android users. The feature was made available to iOS users in 2019. Coming later this year, an improved version that lets users search all their old conversations, not just the recent ones.

The U.S. Army is showing off its newly developed night vision goggles in a video shot during a live training exercise. The Army says the incredibly clear images will provide soldiers with greater ability to “target, engage, and neutralize threats.”

Nokia is going retro with its new $80 flip phone coming to the U.S. via Verizon next week. It’s outfitted with 4G and is compatible with apps like Google Maps, Facebook, and WhatsApp. But reviewers say it probably works best for talking on the phone.

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