Tech Bytes: Twitter ‘heads-up’ feature, Alexa more time to ask questions, Leonardo, the two-legged flying robot

Tech Bytes

Twitter is testing a new feature to help users avoid heating conversations. The feature would warn users if they’re about to jump into a discussion that could turn “toxic”. A message will pop up saying “Conversations like this can be intense.” No word yet whether Twitter plans to roll out the feature.

Alexa is learning how to be a little more patient. A new feature now gives you extra time to pose your questions or commands. So, even if it takes a while to gather your thoughts Alexa will wait instead of just cutting you off. Users will need to switch the feature on in settings.

Finally, “Leonardo,” which stands for “Legs Onboard Drone,” is a two-legged robot that can move seamlessly between walking and flying. It was built by engineers at CalTech. Leo is still a prototype, but he may be used in the future for dangerous jobs.

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