Tech Bytes: Uber prescription delivery, Dyson laser vacuum, skin for humanoid robots

Tech Bytes

Uber is teaming up with ‘ScriptDrop; to expand its service into 37 states. It allows even small pharmacies to offer easy and efficient home delivery to all customers.

People who love Dyson vacuums have something new to celebrate! The company is out with a new model which can shine a laser to reveal dirt not visible to the naked eye. Once you’ve run the vacuum over an area, the laser will let you know if you missed anything. It’s not cheap – costing around $700!

A Russian company is creating a new breed of “humanoids” with the most realistic-looking skin. They’re using special resin and 3D printing. They say every pore and dent on the skin is drawn in a 3D model and transferred into a mold. For the life-like appearance, the silicon skin is applied layer by layer.

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