Tech Bytes: Verizon turn off 5G, Facebook rapping app, Zoom fatigue causes

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Verizon’s battery-saving advice. The carrier tweeted that if your batteries are draining faster than normal, you should switch to LTE, essentially turning off 5G access to your phone. The tweet raised questions because Verizon spent $45 billion to launch the next generation network last year.

Facebook is rolling out a new experimental app for aspiring rappers. The new app called “Bars” is being compared to TikTok. Users can write, record and share their own raps, using professional beats and visual effects. The videos can be up to 60 seconds long.

“Zoom fatigue” explained. A Stanford researcher says there are four main reasons why constant video conferencing can be so taxing. One main reason is the unnatural amount of eye contact during a call. He recommends using a smaller zoom window and reducing full-screen use.

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