Tech Bytes: YouTube banning certain ads, Verizon vaccination discount, Baltimore trash interceptor

Tech Bytes

YouTube revamps its ads. The site will no longer accept spots related to alcohol, gambling, politics, or prescription drug terms. YouTube says removing those subjects from its most prominent ad slot will lead to a better user experience.

Verizon is the latest company to reward Americans for getting vaccinated. Starting Tuesday, customers can get a 10% discount on accessories at Verizon stores or its website. They just have to complete an online questionnaire confirming they’ve received their COVID vaccine.

No proof is required.

Finally, Baltimore’s big-mouth solution to keeping its waterfront clean. It’s known as ‘Mr. Trash Wheel’ and it gobbles up floating debris with the help of moving water, a conveyor belt and movable dumpsters. Since its debut, Mr. Trash Wheel has gotten rid of 3 million pounds of garbage.

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