HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Thursday was full of recognition for our veterans at the Pennsylvania Farm Show as people celebrated military appreciation day.

“It feels great, it’s wonderful seeing all of the support, everybody coming up, definitely a great time to see a bunch of new faces,” said Matt Leber, Sergeant National Guard.

Events like the Army versus Navy cook-off, military cooking demonstrations, and award ceremonies are just a few ways veterans were shown appreciation.

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“Absolutely! I’m so excited I look forward to the farm show every year and I cannot thank Secretary Redding and the department of agriculture enough for partnering with us on this day this important day for our military families and our veterans,” said Mark Schindler, adjutant general of Pennsylvania.

But appreciation can be show in many ways, including free milkshakes.

“Yeah, I’m already three milkshakes in that maybe three or four more milkshakes who knows,” said Leber.

With the fourth largest veteran population in the United States, the farm show is swarming with different military officers.

“It makes me feel great it really does these are the folks that that put up their right hand and swore note to something larger than themselves and to be able to see them to recognize them they see them with their hats on saying that they’re a veteran they serve and be able to just shake their hand and say hey sir or ma’am thank you for your service,” said Schindler.

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You can visit the department of military and veteran affairs outreach van for more information about their programs and services. Otherwise, head to the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs.