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Welcome to Finding Hope Together

Here at abc27, we began this project as a way to connect each other and discuss issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and how we can move forward, together.

As you explore this section of our, you will find a series of interviews featuring community, religious, political, and law enforcement leaders from across Central Pennsylvania. They speak to the issues of racial bias and prejudice in our communities and answer questions about how we can move through the healing process.

The issues of race relations and social issues are critically important to Midstate residents, just as they are to people everywhere. In order to move forward, discussing these issues in an open and honest forum is why we will continue to bring together representatives from our communities to help educate, foster understanding and positive dialogue, and continue the process of coming together.

It is our hope you will continue to watch, listen, and share these messages with your family and friends. Together, we will find hope. Thank you.

Veterans Voices

Veterans Voices

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