MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — After getting out of the service, a Midstate Marine veteran wanted to help other vets improve their health. Logan Spiewak opened Boots to Health, a Mechanicsburg-based gym that caters to veterans and first responders and partners with local recruiting offices to train new enlistees.

For the past nine months, Army veteran Raymond Perez has been training at Boots To Health. The two work together as a team, something they both learned while serving in the military.

“Being veterans, that’s something we hold too dearly, accountability and responsibility,” said Perez.

After the service, Perez struggled with his health and weight.

“The goal was to get back to my Army weight, and I’m literally 10 pounds away from that,” said Perez. “I just wanted to feel like that again, like healthy, that was probably the healthiest part of my life when I was in the service.”

Boots To Health doesn’t just mean improving physical health.

“I try to build this relationship and try to understand,” said Logan Spiewak, owner of Boots to Health. “You’re not alone, there are millions of us and you’re not alone, we want to help you.”

Since starting on his health journey at Boots to Health, Perez has lost close to 171 pounds.

“I’m really happy for him. He’s taking care of himself, and his mental health is a lot better, and now that I did this for him, he’ll be able to help other people back in his shop and the community, and so it’s a win-win,” said Spiewak.

Boots to Health is located on E. Trindle Road in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.