WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — So far in 2021, a total of 561 state laws limiting abortion have been proposed across the US, with 83 signed into law. That’s why Democrats on Capitol Hill want to pass a new law to protect women’s access to abortions nationwide.

As conservative states pass new restrictions and propose bans on abortion, Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Congress needs to pass his bill, The Women’s Health Protection Act, which would guarantee abortion rights nationally.

Blumenthal said abortion restrictions disproportionately impact women of color and low income women. Data shows abortion restrictions don’t decrease the number of abortions.

“Restrictions and bans very simply make a very safe procedure unsafe,” Blumenthal said.

“It’s still unfortunate that women’s reproductive rights are considered an issue that’s up for debate,” said California Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

On Wednesday, a congressional witness told lawmakers she considered drastic measures when she was in an abusive relationship.

“I searched the internet for abortion clinics and DIY abortions,” the witness named Tohan said. “I bought castor oil in case I needed to do it myself.”

But another witness said the wishes the abortion she had at 19 was more regulated.

“They gave me no information and no support and they rushed me out the door,” said Catherine Glenn Foster.

Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz say state legislatures are doing important work to restrict abortions. Cruz said Blumenthal’s bill undermines state’s rights.

“Under his bill, if a law addresses abortion and doesn’t expand abortion rights, it’s illegal,” Cruz said.

Pew Research shows 6-in-10 Americans believe abortion should be legal.