WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — The Biden administration is pushing for more than double the federal funding for Title I schools as Congress mulls the next budget.

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona says the pandemic highlighted inequities that have long existed in the nation’s education system.

“We can’t miss this moment, this chance for a reset in education,” Cardona said.

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Those schools serve a high percentage of low-income students, and Cardona says it’s those students that saw the worst educational outcomes during the pandemic.

He hopes new funding will address inequities for them as well as for students with disabilities or from minority or rural communities.

“It’s our moment not only to keep schools open but also to address the inequities that have existed in our school systems for far too long,” Cardona said.

Cardona also challenged states and school districts to fix the systems that perpetuate inequities for underprivileged students. He suggested schools use American Rescue Plan funds to aid historically disadvantaged students with things like one-on-one help.

“With a well-trained tutor who is providing that child with consistent, intensive support,” Cardona said.

Cardona said the burden of helping students catch up shouldn’t fall only on teachers.

“Each high school in the country should have at least one career counselor so that every high schooler has great options when they graduate,” he said.

The secretary of education’s plea for more funding comes as Congress considers the new budget.