WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Law enforcement is bolstering security in the U.S. Capitol following threats of violence at Saturday’s Jan. 6 rally.

The far right group is calling for justice for those jailed after storming the capitol on Jan. 6.

For security purposes, police are not disclosing details about how many officers will be on staff on Saturday but says a strong plan is in place. Though they are planning for a safe event — unlike the Jan. 6 insurrection — they say they are not taking any chances.

Around 700 people are expected to rally on the west front of the Capitol.

U.S. Capitol Police say their officers are prepared to respond if Saturday’s rally turns violent.

At a Friday press conference, police said that, unlike the violent Jan. 6 attack, this time officers have been trained and briefed on potential threats.

“We will be ready to handle anything that occurs,” say Sean Gallagher with the Capitol Police.

“For the last eight months the leadership of the U.S. Capitol Police Department has been preparing, working to ensure that we don’t have a repeat of Jan. 6,” said Police Chief Thomas Manger.

Manger says his agency expects a peaceful demonstration but because of some online chatter, more officers and 100 unarmed National Guard troops will be on call.

“We would be foolish not to take seriously the intelligence that we have at our disposal,” Manger said. “How credible it is, how likely it is, people can make those judgments.”

On Thursday, former President Donald Trump released a statement in support of the protest’s cause.

Capitol Police don’t expect any current lawmakers will attend.

Law enforcement say one of their primary concerns at this point is counter protestors. They have identified at least three protests in the area planned for Saturday. Capitol police say two do not have any history of violence.