West Perry parents question why they didn't know about school kill list for months

ELLIOTTSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - Perry County parents want to know why it took months for them to find out about a kill list that a student allegedly created back in November.

The West Perry School District is holding a public meeting this week to discuss threats and security measures. Many community members say they plan to be there, looking for answers.

Kim Alleman has a ninth grader at West Perry High School.

"No one was notified that there was a list," said Alleman. "Not even the victims that were on the list."

According to State Police, a 14-year-old boy used a school computer to make the threat against students and staff. Investigators say the student has been charged with 34 counts of terroristic threats and harassment.

Parents were outraged to find out the student has remained in the classroom for months, and are demanding to know why they weren't told about the list sooner.

"I received a text from my child saying that is other child was back in school. It made them feel very uncomfortable. Kids were being picked up," said Alleman.

The district's public meeting is scheduled for Thursday night in the high school auditorium.

"Why? Who? Who dropped the ball? Why weren't we advised? Who was following up?" Alleman questioned.

Another parent Sally Kimmey says her three children did not want to go to school after they found out about the threat.

"I'm upset because my kids were very upset," said Kimmey. "It's inexcusable that they didn't tell us. As parents, we should have the right to know those things."

Alleman says multiple parents plan to pursue litigation against the district.

"There's parents that have pulled their children and are going to cyber school now because they do not trust this administration," said Alleman.

ABC27 has continued to reach out to Superintendent Dr. Michael O'Brien but has not yet heard back. In a note to parents, he said the district did follow state and federal law in handling the situation.

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