Wet leaves as dangerous as ice


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Autumn leaves can be a beautiful sight for Pennsylvania residents, but also a hazard.

PennDOT warns drivers that wet leaves on the roadway can be just as slippery as ice.

“There’s nothing for your tires to grip onto,” PennDOT spokeswoman Fritzi Schreffler said. “When you hit the brakes because something ran out in front of you or there’s suddenly vehicles stopped in front of you, you’ve got nothing for your car to stop on, so you’re more likely to slide.”

Leaves can also cover traffic lines and other pavement markings, leaving drivers without a clear view of the road.

Drivers are asked to slow down, particularly in residential areas. If you’re in an area with wet leaves on the road, you should increase the distance between you and the car in front of you. If you’re being tailgated, let that driver pass.

Drivers should also make sure to have enough tread on their tires to deal with any potential road conditions.

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