What first responders want you to know about the snowstorm


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — No matter how much snow comes our way on Wednesday, there are some people who simply can’t stay home.

On the night before the storm, first responders prepared for their heavy lift and shared ways you can lighten their load.

Snow — oh, oh — it ain’t magic for first responders.

“A lot of accidents, people slipping and falling — maybe in a hurry to get home before the snow and it’s a little slicker than they think,” said Barry Albertson, director of Community LifeTeam.

“Snow is what it is. It cripples the city quickly, but I believe that it will be able to recover just as quickly, as well,” said Harrisburg Fire Chief Brian Enterline.

They recover faster with a clear path. Once the snow hits the 8-inch mark, firefighters face serious challenges when trying to enter homes.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries over the years with police, fire, EMS slipping on front porches, and things like that because they weren’t shoveled,” Enterline said.

EMTs feel the same way. They are also asking people to take it easy on the roads, and they plan on taking their own advice.

“We’re gonna have to slow down, take our time, because obviously…if we get in an accident on the way — it obviously doesn’t help anybody,” Albertson said.

“We don’t go to bed at night thinking, ‘hey, tonight I think I’m going to need the ambulance,’ or ‘hey, tonight I’m going to need the fire department.’ Nobody thinks that and when it does happen and you’re not prepared to get us in, it delays us being able to help you,” Enterline said.

While you have your shovel out, consider digging out fire hydrants.

“We do carry some shovels in the back of the firetrucks to dig those out if we need to, but it certainly helps us if you’re able to dig those out,” Enterline said.

If you’re going to help someone out, both men agree — it’s most important to check on your neighbors.

“As the snow starts to pile up and if you have an elderly neighbor, please check on them. Make sure they’re doing okay, don’t need anything,” Albertson said.

“Let’s use this snowstorm, come together as a community and help each other,” Enterline said.


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