WellSpan Pediatric Medicine Physicians across the Midstate are seeing COVID, a viral stomach bug and non-COVID upper respiratory illnesses.

The CVS MinuteClinic in York also reports COVID and viral upper respiratory infections. They say they did not see many flu cases this week.

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Roseville Pediatrics is seeing a lot of strep. Most of these cases are strep throat, though strep has been manifesting more rarely in serious ways, such as throat abscesses and severe ear infections.

Flu cases continued to decline, although some are still being seen.

COVID cases increased a bit.

They are still seeing high cases of the stomach bug and the millions of viruses circulating and causing basic colds.

Croup and pink eye increased in the younger age group.

Dr. Joan Thode offered the following advice about sore throats:

“If your child has a severe sore throat, they may not want to talk much due to the pain. But it’s important to listen to the sound of their voice for some specific warning signs.

Muffled voice, as if they are speaking while a bite of hot pizza is in their mouth. This raises the concern that there is obstruction of the upper airway caused by the tonsils or the peri-tonsillar tissues. Reasons can include severe tonsillitis, severe lymph node swelling or an abscess behind a tonsil.

Whispery voice, with very little air coming out with voice, could indicate severe swelling of the tonsils, epiglottis or walls of the throat.

Hoarse voice with stridor, a voice-like, harsh sound on inhale, could indicate a spasm with the vocal cords, causing severe croup.

It’s also important to watch the ease of swallowing for a couple of concerning signs:

Painful swallowing to the point where your child is drooling because they cannot swallow their saliva

Difficulty swallowing, such that attempts at swallowing consistently cause gagging, sputtering or choking.

Any of these concerning warning signs should prompt an immediate call to your child’s physician’s office for an appointment or guidance if ER evaluation is warranted.”